A “healing plan” for a client with a bladder infection.

Welcome to the podcast and today we are putting together a “healing plan” for a client with a bladder infection.

Consultations for UTIs represent between 1% and 6% of all medical visits (~7 million visits and ~US$1.6 billion annually).

Recurrent UTIs are associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression. The sudden, rapid, and painful onset of a UTI is often a source of anxiety in patients. Feelings of guilt related to a patient’s inability to perform their usual activities, or the impact of recurrent infections on their social activities, may lead to clinical symptoms of depression.

Not any more, I have a treatment plan that may well change the way you see, understand and deal with bladder infections, tune into today's show to find out more…

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Remember, healing is the journey back to love. Paul :)

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