Digging deeper into what is a “threat appraisal”, “epigenetics” and “gene expression”.

Welcome to the podcast and today we are talking about “threat appraisal”, “epigenetics” and “gene expression”.

Man I am really excited today because we are digging deeper into what is a “threat appraisal”, “epigenetics” and “gene expression”. This is what I do this is my gift, my area, this realisation is what has given me the “real life” skills to turn my health around and take my children's health in our own hands and really give us a practical tool to manage each and every disease and illness life has thrown at us over the last 20years.

In this episode I talk about a study called “Epigenetics and lifestyle”. In this study they talk about Psychological stress, and its role in turning on and off gene expression. If you ever wanted to know the connection between modern living and disease then tune in because its going to be epic...

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