What is a “threat appraisal” and predicting the coming outbreak resulting from COVID-19 pandemic.

Welcome to the podcast and today we are talking about what is a “threat appraisal” and predicting the coming outbreak resulting from COVID-19 pandemic.

So today's topic, predicting the coming outbreak resulting from COVID-19, is it possible to do that based on a model? Now I am not talking about being a prophet here, nope not that good yet!

I’m talking about a “threat appraisal”. So what is a threat appraisal?

In a nut shell.

A threat appraisal is the end result of a “stress appraisal” a “stress appraisal” is when we analyse our environment and we decide based on an unconscious assessment of our past experiences and current resources, if people, places, things, times or events are a “threat” or a “challenge”. If they are a threat, this leads to disease, if they are a challenge this leads to growth.

It is the constant changing landscape of COVID 19 that is causing these stresses that I am predicting will create a particular illnesses in the near future.

So what are the potential “threat appraisals” that could arise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and what can we do about them? This depends on a persons constitution but the most likely top three are as follows:

1. Death-Fright threat appraisal and Territorial fear threat appraisal. 

2. Starvation threat appraisal. 

3. Existence threat appraisal.

So what do all these mean and what illness or disease do I predict they will create in the near future? Tune in to get the full story…

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